After Further Review

February 8, 2022
Guest Blog Post by Andrew Bernstein

After Further Review is an upcoming docu-series that takes a deep look at sports towns across America beginning in Los Angeles.

While known for the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. This is a city that is steeped in sports history and has been since the 1880’s, when the Men of Troy took the field for their first college football game.
L.A. has some of the most historic venues in sports history including the Rose Bowl built in 1922, and the LA Memorial Coliseum built in 1923.
The city started its ascent to becoming the mecca of sports in 1932, when it hosted the Olympics for the first time. This put L.A. on the map.
In 1946, the Rams moved from Cleveland. Then the Dodgers followed in 1958, the Lakers came next moving from Minneapolis before the 1960-1961 season. Then in 1967, the city was granted a pro hockey franchise that played at the Forum in Inglewood.
The pro teams in LA have all won titles, and have had incredible success on the field, and most recently on the ice over the past few years.
But what also separates LA is it has two of the most successful college athletic programs of all time located right in the city limits. The Sons of Westwood led by hall of fame coach John Wooden have won 10 college basketball titles, and the Men of Troy have won 11 college football titles.
LA is also known for its collection of coaches, broadcasters, and legendary players including Pasadena’s own Jackie Robinson, Sandy Koufax, Vin Scully, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar.
While other cities like Boston, New York, receive the national spotlight as the greatest sports towns in America. Los Angeles absolutely deserves to be a major player in this discussion.
“After Further Review” a production by Andrew Bernstein

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