Irish Alumni Joining Forces

March 13, 2022

Who better to empower young athletes than those of us who understand the journey?

And who better to empower college athletes, in the brave new world of name, image, and likeness (NIL) marketing, than former college athletes who are now CEOs? With that idea in mind, our founder, Chad Hartvigson, a former baseball player for Notre Dame, has gone back to his roots in college athletics to build new opportunities for young players navigating NIL opportunities.
 In those roots he found the boys at MOGL, fellow Notre Dame alumni Ayden Syal, and Brandon Wimbush, a former quarterback for the Irish. Ayden and Brandon wanted to jump into the fresh new NIL landscape with a greater purpose. So they created MOGL, a minority-founded and impact-driven marketplace for athletes. 
Brandon and Ayrden wanted to support young players during this historic NIL shift, where college athletes are able to take advantage of their brand as an athlete for the first time. But they also wanted to give athletes the chance to give back. Using MOGL, athletes can donate proceeds to underserved communities near large college athletics programs, to help underserved youths gain access to the same high-quality athletic opportunities that have given these college athletes so much.
 In teaming up with MOGL, Chad found partners who can understand the journey and struggle of a college athlete as well as he does. With Vintage Brand’s e-commerce expertise, branding, and innovative print-on-demand technology and MOGL’s mission and marketplace, built something new. Enter, the Vintage Brand College Athlete Marketplace: a best-in-class opportunity for enterprising young athletes to empower themselves in the world of NIL, and to tell their story, their way, for the first time.
Check out their groundbreaking, first to market collaboration:

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