With Love And A Smile

March 3, 2022
For Maryland Terps basketball star Faith Masonius, being a leader comes naturally. After all, as one of ten siblings, over half of which are also athletes, she’s already spent her life learning to work with a team. And because of that, she understands what many don’t about great leadership.
Being a great leader doesn’t always mean being the loudest voice, or the brightest star. It’s also about being a great follower. Following the signs of what your community needs, and what role needs filling. Following the ebbs and flows of each unique person on your team, and knowing what will help them shine the brightest.
That’s not to say that Faith isn’t a champion in her own right. In her first year, Faith was already becoming well-known as Maryland’s “X-Factor” and “unsung hero.” She brings incredible defensive skill to the court, pinned as the Terp’s best zone defender by coach Brenda Frese. And when she shoots, she scores. But her goal has never been to just shine alone – it’s always been to do what it takes to grow a true, national championship team. And she’s succeeding.
In January, Faith tore her ACL halfway through a game against Indiana, ruling her out for the rest of the season. The Terps are beyond disappointed to lose a key depth player – but more than anything, they miss the chemistry she sparks on the court. Like any great leader, though, Faith has her teammates’ backs, and is bringing her full positivity and energy to the team. Because whether she’s on the court or on the bench, Faith does it with love, and a smile.