Sharing Her Passion: Merritt Beason

January 26, 2022

In Gardendale, Alabama, Merritt Beason saw that things could be different. Not many little girls in her hometown played volleyball, outside the occasional gym class. Most who were interested in sports grew up with dreams of cheerleading. But Merritt loved volleyball. And she wanted to give other girls the chance to love it, too.

So Merritt made a plan: “My one goal was to get little girls in my town to hear about volleyball.” She wanted to share what volleyball had given her, to share her passion and faith and help young girls follow in her footsteps of success. Beason had always dreamed of working with kids, volunteering her summers early on helping her first grade teacher. Mentoring a volleyball team was her first step on her path to fulfilling that dream.
Although she was just a junior in high school, Merritt stepped up to volunteer as the assistant coach for the Bragg Middle School volleyball team. And when the pandemic hit and forced kids into a whole new online world, she took things into her own hands, running drills every day with the team from her driveway.
Now an all-start freshman at the University of Florida, Merritt has kept up her mentorship, keeping up with the girls’ accomplishments and encouraging them to succeed. This past December, Merritt traveled back to Gardendale to host a volleyball camp and help spread the love of the game with future all-stars!
It’s important for Merritt to keep sharing her passion for volleyball in her hometown – and the Vintage Brand team is so happy to assist her in that goal. We’ve donated giveaway products for Merritt’s camp, so that she can keep spreading her story and inspiring kids to get passionate about volleyball.
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