Cameron Crazies

June 17, 2020

The best fans in college basketball?

They would like to think so. The 1,200 seat student section for the Duke Blue Devils, the Cameron Crazies, is known as possibly the rowdiest, most enthusiastic, and in your face student section in all of college sports.
The day for a Crazy begins in Krzyzewskiville, where students will camp outside the stadium the night and sometimes even the week before the game even starts. The tradition was believed to have started in 1986 when 15 allegedly inebriated students rented a tent on a Thursday night for a game on the coming Saturday. Nowadays, more than 1,200 students will pack the area outside the stadium when big rivals like the North Carolina Tar Heels come to town. These 1,200 strong keep that enduring tradition of inebriation alive and well.
The Crazies will organize before every game to prepare “dirt sheets” that contain chants and embarrassing info about their opponents. The chants ranged from the very politically incorrect to the profane until about 1994 when Coach K publically asked the students to take it down a notch. Nowadays, the students’ chants are of a more ‘gentle ribbing’ variety. Like when several players on the North Carolina team admitted to getting pedicures together, the Crazies chanted “Ty-ler Hans-brough paints-his-toes!” Or the simple “Abandon Ship!” call for Navy’s David Robinson, once Duke’s win was secure. And of course, the classic “In-Hale, Ex-hale” chant, whipped out just one game after North Carolina’s Steve Hale had punctured a lung.
While the Crazies may have calmed down in recent years due to restrictions – and Coach K’s hatred of profanity – their reputation as the epitome of a college basketball student section still stands strong.

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