Vintage Brand Partners up with College Athletes

November 30, 2021
You’re already a leader on the field. Take the lead when it comes to your name and your story. College sports have always captured the hearts of fans across the country. And for the first time, athletes can take ownership of that stardom. Taking control of your name, image, and likeness is more than just a great financial opportunity. It’s an opportunity to achieve your true potential. To use your namesake to inspire. What kind of person are you? What story do you want to tell? And what legacy do you want to build?
At Vintage Brand, we see student athletes as more than just players. You are value creators. You’ve already invested that value in your school. You’ve invested it in your team. And now, you have the chance to invest it in yourself, and your community. With the VB College Athlete partnership, you can raise significant money to support your dream. You can also build your brand and your impact, for now and for the future. You can empower yourself, and in turn, empower others: whether that’s through growing fan relationships, engaging and motivating young players, or fundraising for your favorite charity or non-profit. The power is in your hands.
We know that free time is a foreign concept for you. Becoming a VB College Athlete is a great way to reach your goals, your way, without adding to the demands you already face. We’re offering athletes the opportunity to set up a personal brand shop - designed and inspired by you - with full support from our in-house creative team, as a way to build your brand and earn revenue. We handle all the logistics, so that you can focus on connecting with fans, and fans can focus on supporting the athletes they love. You’ve worked hard. Let us handle the rest.
Check out some of our featured College Athlete Brand Shops:

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