Kick 4 ALS: Lucas Meek

April 8, 2022

Sometimes, an injury in athletics is just a setback.

And sometimes, it’s a meaningful opportunity to reflect. One week before the MLS draft in January, Lucas Meek, of University of Washington soccer’s program, heard his knee pop. It was as bad as he had feared. His meniscus was torn, and he needed surgery.
Thankfully, Lucassoccer skills shone bright enough that he was still drafted by Inter Miami CF, injury or no. But, you know what they say about idle hands. Having just finished his degree, Lucas was facing a lot more free time than he was used to. Instead of wallowing, he got to reflecting. He thought about his grandfather, Bart Amey.
Bart was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (or ALS) in 2020. Once an avid tennis player and outdoorsman, Bart is now wheelchair bound and uses a computerized speaking device. Despite these painful realities, Lucas’ grandfather continues to be a light to those around him.
If Lucas couldn’t be on the field himself, it didn’t mean that he couldn’t gather everyone else there. Bart had always been an avid Husky and sports fan – so with support from his coach, Lucas organized Kick 4 ALS, a 64-team, 5v5 soccer tournament. And with help from us, Lucas set up a Vintage brand store, to help raise money for the ALS Association. 
Sometimes an injury for an athlete is just a setback. But it’s also a rare opportunity to empathize with just how limiting disability can be. Sometimes, it’s a great chance to do something meaningful. To help those with less hope of recovery – to find a way to honor Bart and his legacy.

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